Aley K. Auna, Jr.

Aley K. Auna, Jr. Aley K. Auna, Jr.

1979, Business Management
Family Court Judge

For Hilo, Hawaii, judge Aley Auna, life is all about striking a proper balance between education of the mind and the spirit, as well as serving others to the fullest extent.

After graduating from BYU-Hawaii, Auna earned a law degree from the University of Hawaii. He then served five years in the private sector and 12 more in the Attorney General's office, which led to his position as a family court judge.

To survive the logistics of the courthouse, Auna maintains an inner balance he learned as an undergraduate at BYU-Hawaii. As a returned missionary from Taiwan, he recognized two types of people exist: "First are those who excelled in education but did very little with enhancing their spiritual growth; and second, individuals who went above the call of duty to serve the Lord, but to some extent were neglecting their studies."

He feels his ability to give proper service to all who come through his courthouse was nurtured at BYU-Hawaii. He also has found ample opportunity to progress spiritually as an Elders quorum president, counselor in a bishopric, and high councilor. "You learn to love people, no matter what their background," he says.

This approach helps Auna provide just representation both lawfully and humanly. "Even in the courtroom where there is so much conflict you know we can have wonderful experiences," he adds.

I found my professors expected only the best. I recall one day an accounting professor called me into the office and caringly chastised me for low performance, which set the tone of personal integrity for life. The professor's words of council were, "You shouldn't settle for mediocrity. You should always excel."