Become a Mentor

To join MentorConnect, simply register using your LinkedIn account or an email at:

Here are a few exciting features of this program:

Choose your services – Choose how you’d like to interact with the students: career chats, resume critiques or mock interviews.

Schedule your availability – Set times when you are available. Students will be able to see you availability when scheduling a mentoring session. Away from the office for a while? Set your profile to “Away” and you will not receive requests to mentor during that time.

Connect within the system – At the time of your scheduled session the platform will initiate a bridge call to you, as the mentor, and the student. Please realize that when you register as a mentor, you will be asked for a phone number. The number is only used for MentorConnect to initiate the bridge call.

Protects your information – Because all conversation is done within the system, your personal phone number and email are kept private.

All mentoring consultations within BYU-H MentorConnect are FREE of charge to our students. However, if you’d like to offer your service OUTSIDE of MentorConnect, you may become a mentor on the Evisors platform and mentor others for a fee.