Beth Uale

Ishmael W. Stagner IIBeth Uale

B.A. Music, 1985
Music Instructor
Hawaii, USA

Looking back on the years she spent going to school and raising her family, Beth Uale sees her time at BYU-Hawaii as pivotal. It was while she was a student that she met and married her husband and fellow Genuine Gold Honoree, Bode Uale. With her husband, Beth raised four children in The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and all have honorably served missions. “My choicest blessings have come as a result of my being a mom,” she says.

When she first entered college, Beth’s interests were music, dance and theatre; with a desire to put her family first, she decided that if she studied music, she could work at home and still take time to raise her children well. Today Beth feels that music has helped her live a balanced life with a family and career. In fact, in 2004, the Hawaii Chapter of American Mothers, Inc., recognized Beth’s hard work as a devoted mother and awarded her with the Hawaii Mother of the Year Award.

Music has allowed Beth to serve her family, community and the Church. In the home, everyone in their family knows how to sing and they enjoy singing together. In the community, she served as the president of the Hawaii Chapter of the American Choral Directors Association, and is the current president of the Hawaii Music Educators Association. In the Church, she has conducted the children’s choir in the annual Honolulu Stake Christmas concert.

Her husband says this about his wife: “Beth is really grounded in the gospel….She has a deep conviction to the gospel that’s helped me maintain my conviction as well.”

Students of this beautiful BYU-Hawaii, know that this is one of the few universities that is owned and operated by the Church. How blessed are to be here to walk the path that leads to your future. What a privilege it is for you to attend a school in a spiritual, a positive, and uplifting environment. Take advantage of the opportunities you have to meet people, to learn, and to grow during the time you spend here.