Caroline Kwok

Caroline KwokCaroline Kwok

1979, Travel Management
Business Owner and Consultant

Dr. Caroline Kwok sees her days in Laie as a "feast of enlightenment." At BYU-Hawaii, she said, "My eyes and ears were opened, my tongue was unstopped, my guts were filled, my mind blossomed and my heart was softened."

Kwok came to campus as a shy young woman, inarticulate and unsure of herself. However, through her own faith, interactions with her professors, various church callings, and attendance at devotionals and firesides, she gained confidence and sharpened her skills. She immersed herself in the Chinese Club, wrote for the Ke Alakai, and performed in Showcase Hawaii and the Concert Choir. By the time she graduated, she was ready for an entrepreneurial career that requires confidence and inspiration.

After leaving Laie, Kwok moved to Provo, Utah, and subsequently earned M.S. and Ed.D. degrees from BYU. She then returned to her native Hong Kong, where she has built and managed a successful company called Megabrain Institute. The company helps to teach children and adults how to harness their minds and energy to foster exponential success. Kwok is a prolific writer, and she also is active in Church service.

Before I came to BYU-Hawaii, I was not a verbal person. But I was called to be a Relief Society teacher, and in preparing for my first lesson I wrote the whole lesson out in long hand and every night I would read it. I practiced for nearly a month. By the time I taught the lesson, I knew every word by heart. Since that experience my confidence in speaking has soared. My tongue was unstopped and since then it has not stopped!