Faleomavaega "Eni" Hunkin

Faleomavaega "Eni" HunkinFaleomavaega "Eni" Hunkin

A.A., Political Science, 1964
U.S. Congressional Representative
American Samoa

As a U.S. Congressional Representative for American Samoa, one can see how Faleomavaega "Eni" Hunkin is fulfilling President David O. McKay's prophecy of leaders who would go forth from BYU-Hawaii. Hunkin has served American Samoa as their representative since 1989 and has participated in international relations, human rights, Native American and Asia-Pacific issues, and the Mormon caucus.

Congressman Hunkin attended Church College of Hawaii in 1963-64; he was freshman class president and one of the first performers at the Polynesian Cultural Center. After receiving an A.A. degree from CCH, he moved to Provo, Utah, and graduated from Brigham Young University in 1966 with a B.A. in political science and history. He then earned a J.D. from the University of Houston in 1972 and an LL.M. from the University of California-Berkeley.

In 1973, Hunkin began his political career, first as Administrative Assistant to A.U. Fuimaono, and then as Staff Counsel to the House Committee on Interior/Insular Affairs. In 1981 he returned to Samoa, where he was Lieutenant Governor and Deputy Attorney General before returning to Washington, D.C. where he continues to represent the people of American Samoa.

Married to Hinanui Cave of Tahiti, Congressman Hunkin and his wife are the parents of five children, two of whom also attended BYU-Hawaii. Hunkin takes great pride in the two cultures he and his family share. In his time as a civil servant, Eni constantly seeks the Lord’s guidance and feels the power of the prayers of Nephi and Enos lending him strength.

As a Congressman, I have had a lot of opportunities with people of different faiths. For example, I was with other members of Congress and we talked about the Book of Mormon. I sincerely hope, if the Lord is willing, that I can continue this work. I say that education is the salvation of our people, and that to me is the mission of BYU-Hawaii. Probably more than anything else, the spiritual education at BYU-Hawaii is like a little bit of heaven.