Fook Chuen Zeno Chow

Fook Chuen Zeno ChowFook Chuen Zeno Chow

B.S. Computer Information Systems, 1986
Head of Corporate Trade Sales JP Morgan
Hong Kong.

As a vice president of JP Morgan in Hong Kong, Zeno Chow feels that his experience at BYU-Hawaii helped him develop the skills in interpersonal relations, communications, and project management that assisted him in furthering his career in international trade finance. More importantly, he feels that attending BYU-Hawaii assisted him to meet “the challenge of the world” by helping him to “learn and appreciate other cultures.”

After graduating from BYU-Hawaii in computer information systems in 1986, he attended BYU in Provo, Utah, where he received his MBA degree in 1989. He views his time at BYU-Hawaii as a time to see his potential and build up his self-confidence. He says “On a more personal level, it helped me to raise my family in the right way.” He feels that it has given him opportunities to help build the Church in Asia, as well.

Chow readily acknowledges the Lord’s hand in his day-to-day life. “He always answers my prayers whenever I need help to make any major decision,” he says. For the last nine years, he has been a stake president in Hong Kong where he and his wife, Esther, live with two daughters.

As one becomes more successful in the world, it is easy to attribute all successes to oneself without realizing the hand of the Lord. Try to live a balanced life, both spiritual and temporal.