Ilaisane Petero

Ilaisane Petero

Ilaisane Petero

1981, Business Management
Business Executive in Australia

After joining the Church in the 1970s, Ilaisane Petero and her husband, Atoni ('80, Business Management), came to BYU-Hawaii with nothing in their pockets but faith in God. They have since returned to the South Pacific and fashioned out lives of love, service, and productivity.

Petero was born in Tonga and raised in Fiji; her husband was born in Fiji. When they came to "get an education for the sake of our children, we petitioned the Lord that if he would help us get to BYU-Hawaii we'd return home."

The couple majored in business, and she worked in the Fijian village. After graduation, they fulfilled their promise and returned to Fiji. "There was no consideration about lack of jobs. We just focused on our promise to Heavenly Father in return for His blessings."

In Fiji for 11 years, Atoni served in the stake presidency, Ilaisane as stake Relief Society president. In 1992, when a cultural uprising impacted the country, the Peteros moved to Sydney, Australia. Eventually, Atoni was employed in the Presiding Bishop's Office and Ilaisane landed at IBM. She was worldwide logistics coordinator during the 2002 Olympics, and now is strategic outsourcing administrator of global services.

The decision to go home, whichever country you come from, is a spiritual decision, not an economic decision. You may go back to a very obscure job and think you are only a little something down there, but the Lord will pick you up out of obscurity and place you in a position that you would never dream of. The Lord will keep His promise. You may not be millionaires, but you will be rich spiritually.