John Aki

John AkiJohn Aki


Hong Kong Temple President

John Aki enrolled in the Church College of Hawaii in 1959 as a non-member because of the positive influence of many church members in his life. During his time as a student he was student body president, ran for the track team, and was active in many clubs and organizations. Aki was baptized during his time as a student at CCH. During his life he and his wife have served three missions in Hong Kong, and is currently serving as president of the Hong Kong temple.

Aki graduated from CCH in 1960 with an associate’s degree, and went on to receive a bachelor’s from BYU. During his career, he spent 40 years in the Hawaii State Department of Education, first as a teacher, then a principal and state office educational administrator. Serving youth has been a large part of his family life, from boy scouts to community sports to foster children, the Aki family has tried to give opportunities to the youth in their area of influence.

Aki says his career was only made available to him by his time at BYU–Hawaii, “I was instilled with the love of learning, the notion of life-long learning,” he said, “the glory of God is intelligence, with that came self confidence that I could learn, and learn well.”

While at CCH, I learned a deep love of my fellow being, and then I began the gradual development of a spiritual and eternal perspective, and was given a desire to love and serve God.