Kevan Dean Bradshaw

Kevan Dean Bradshaw

1989, Accounting
Senior Partner, Price Waterhouse Coopers, San Diego, California

Originally from Canada, Kevan Bradshaw recalls that living with his family in Nigeria as a teenager and related travel began to help prepare him for dealing in an international world.

He initially enrolled at BYU in Provo; but following his mission in Thailand, Kevan’s parents, who had retired in Hawaii, encouraged him to enroll at BYUH. Thinking he’d stay for one or two semesters, Kevan quickly found it “a lot more collegial, a lot more interactive, with a lot more teaming of students and faculty than what I was used to. It’s proven to me time and time again to be the right decision.”

For example, he met and married his wife, Swan Tan, who is from Malaysia, and went to work for Price Waterhouse Coopers. The company eventually sent the couple first to Taiwan, then Beijing, China. Today, Kevan is the senior partner in charge of their assurance or auditing practice in San Diego, and he is also the global engagement partner with a Fortune 500 company based there. In addition, he serves in the presidency of a Chinese branch.

“When I look back on my life and I think about some of the most important things that have happened, a lot of them stem back to my time in Hawaii. I had made the decision to pursue accounting at BYU Provo, but my professors at BYU-Hawaii really made it come alive.”

BYU-Hawaii really prepared me for a lot of those international experiences. I wouldn’t say it was the genesis of my desire to work overseas, but it certainly helped to sustain it. Having lived and studied at BYU-Hawaii, and having interacted with so many different cultures in that setting just further expanded my desire to work overseas... It was one of those United Nations experiences.