Lloyd Keung & Dolly Nin Keung

Lloyd Keung & Dolly Nin Keung

Lloyd Keung & Dolly Nin Keung

1970, Chemistry
Principal, Church College of New Zealand & Temple View, New Zealand

Family Service Award

Lloyd and Dolly Nin Keung are a delightful Maori-Chinese couple with five successful adult children and three grandchildren; but it took some encouragement before they first got together. “Our fathers had come from China on the same boat,” she says, “and we really thought we were related,” he adds.

The couple married soon after he graduated, and while he wanted to pursue a master’s degree at the University of Hawaii, CCNZ needed him to teach science. He delayed a decision, but powerful, personal revelation led him back, “with wonderful blessings as a result.”

“Our family was uppermost, CCNZ and teaching the youth was second, serving in the Church was third; and in all that we have looked to do, our life has revolved around those three aspects: Education, family and the Church — all in one package. Our children have benefited immensely from that. It’s been a wonderful journey.”

Lloyd also credits BYU-Hawaii for providing academic qualifications, “the strength and testimony of the gospel that since then has never wavered, and it taught me the value that education is a must for all youth. Every youth is capable of achievement. They just need the nurturing, they just need the guidance, the encouragement, such as Dolly and I received at BYU-Hawaii.”

“It prepared me for being a mother,” Dolly adds. “I’ve tried to support my husband in all that he’s involved with. I’ve been home as a mother all our lives.”

“Our philosophy, first and foremost, is we’re one. We’re there for each other. We get on with each other, and we help each other. In that, we learned to work together. That’s one of our prized memories and activities we did as a young family.” — Lloyd Keung