Michelle Moana Hippolite

Michelle Moana HippoliteMichelle Moana Hippolite

B.S.W. Social Work, 1989
Government Contractor
New Zealand.

Michelle Moana Hippolite (1989, BSW, Social Work) Former chief consultant, New Zealand Prime Minister Porirua, New Zealand

Michelle Moana Hippolite credits her mother for encouraging her to attend BYU-Hawaii and work at the Polynesian Cultural Center to “transition into the real world.” Once here, she said she learned to work with people from many cultures and realized that “doing your best at whatever you get involved in requires commitment and sacrifice.”

After graduating from BYU-Hawaii in 1989, Hippolite returned to New Zealand and has felt the Lord’s guidance in her professional choices ever since. She began her career by working in women’s policy areas. Then in 2000 she became a part of a small team of policy advisors assigned by the New Zealand Prime Minister to provide “free and frank advice on a range of issues” regarding domestic policy in the country. She completed her time as an advisor to the prime minister in 2005 and currently assists the New Zealand government in negotiating historical claims on settlements related to the Treaty of Waitangi.

Apart from her work with the government, Hippolite enjoys supporting her family in school activities, sports, and in the Church. For example, she serves as a seminary teacher in her ward and says she finds “comfort in studying and understanding the scriptures and their application to my life.” One day she hopes to lead an organization that will shape the lives of people in New Zealand.

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