Mike Wilton

Mike Wilton

Mike Wilton

1972, Physical Education
Volleyball Coach, University of Hawaii

Mike Wilton's journey through the Church College of Hawaii fused together wisdom and appreciation for both the body and the spirit. He has incorporated that knowledge into great service and success in the athletics community and beyond.

Wilton came to Laie in 1969, "very much a non-member" of the Church. "The first year was difficult; I didn't want to be there," he said. But after a year away, "I remembered all the people who were good to me." He returned to campus, settled down, and got married. "The constant effect of the spirit and the environment were teaching me about the kindness and complete dedication people can have."

After graduation, he and his wife returned to California and "started to investigate churches. One day we decided to go to The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, and I knew it was true before the opening hymn was over." They were baptized and moved to BYU to complete a master's degree. He then coached the women's team at Cal-Poly San Luis Obispo to 10 successive national tournaments.

In 1992, Wilton became head coach at the University of Hawaii. His credentials there are legendary. The Warriors captured the national title in 2002 and have three final four appearances, and he has been named national coach of the year three times.

Prayerfully consider what you want to do with your life and use that to make school more rewarding. Try to learn something new all the time. Find a recreational activity to maintain for a lifetime. The prophet reminds us to meditate, to take time for actual prayer, to reflect on things that are an issue at that time.