Pita Foliaki Hopoate

Pita Foliaki HopoatePita Foliaki Hopoate

1973, Elementary Education
CES Country Director, Guam/Micronesia, Barrigada, Guam

After graduating from BYU-Hawaii, Elder Hopoate returned to Tonga, planning to stay for just three years; but at age 29 he was called as a stake president. He has since served as a mission president in Tonga, president of the Tonga Missionary Training Center, Regional Representative, CES Country Director for Tonga and now Guam/Micronesia, and he is currently an Area Authority Seventy in the Asia North Area.

Elder Hopoate says the Church College of Hawaii “really prepared me. Although I didn’t have the opportunity to go and further my education, but I had a confirmation and feeling that this is what my Father in Heaven wanted for me in that academic field to prepare me for what I’m doing now.”

He also has a strong testimony of President McKay’s vision: “I feel very humble when I think about it, because I can see it in my life. When you look back at the preparation that the school has done for me and others as alumni of Church College of Hawaii and BYU-Hawaii, and relate it to what we are doing right now, I know he’s a prophet of God, and he was inspired by the Spirit to say that.”

“I never dreamed when I grew up in a humble upbringing in Tonga, that I would have the experience to be a part of that prophetic statement from the prophet of God.”

I learned to appreciate other cultures and other people. Who knew that I would end up serving with a Korean and a Japanese where I am now. I’m an Area Authority Seventy working in the Asia North Area. We cover all the Micronesian islands and Guam, and also South Korea and Japan.