Rosita Ah Ching Jasper

Rosita Ah Ching JasperRosita Ah Ching Jasper

1974, TESOL
Founder, President & CEO, Quality Distribution, Inc., Salt Lake City, Utah

Rosita “Sita” Ah Ching Jasper was born and raised in Samoa. As a child she worked every day in the family-owned store in Pesega. “My father expected excellence of all of us,” she recalls, “and I knew I wanted to make a difference in my life.”

After working her way through CCH in the English Department and at the Polynesian Cultural Center, she enrolled at BYU and got introduced to the distribution business; but she soon returned to her homeland to teach English for two years at Church College of Western Samoa.

Upon coming back to Utah, issues of integrity with an employer led Sita in 1995 to found her own company, Quality Distribution, Inc. — which today operates from a facility of nearly a half-million square feet and does business all over the U.S. and Canada. She and her husband, Todd, who also works in the business, are members of the BYUH/PCC Presidents’ Leadership Council.

Jasper says she especially values the friends she made at CCH and maintains close association with them “based on love and very deep affection.” She also feels BYU-Hawaii is a “hallowed place” with a “spirit of love, respect and warmth that very few places have. I consider it a sacred place that is very dear to me.”

“I have a very soft heart. I think I developed that here. Whenever I see a student or those that are less fortunate, my heart opens up to them; and I know that it’s the Lord’s wealth that I’m the steward over. My obligation and my desire is to use that wealth to help others.”