Soo-Young Choi

Soo-Young Choi

Soo-Young Choi

1977, TESL

Since joining The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints as a teenager, Soo Young Choi has been trying to spread the gospel around the world with English as the vehicle.

Choi saw a picture of the Salt Lake Temple and immediately felt it was sacred. He was baptized and served a mission in his native land. In 1973 he entered BYU-Hawaii to study TESL (Teaching English as a Second Language). Along with his "challenging" coursework, he taught missionaries at the Language Training Mission and was a dispatcher at the Polynesian Cultural Center. He also married fellow Korean Ock Ja Huo.

Following graduation, he moved to Utah and started toward a Ph.D. in instructional technology and linguistics at BYU. Before long, he was asked to join the faculty to strengthen the Korean language program.

In 1986, after 13 years in the U.S., he felt divinely guided to take his wife and five children home. He soon was called as a bishop then as Cheongju Stake president. As a professor of English at Korea National University of Education, he organized the prestigious Korea Association of Multimedia Assisted Language Learning (KAMALL), which is advancing foreign language education in Korea.

The Lord has blessed a poor country boy to raise a Zion family. I owe many things to BYU-Hawaii and the PCC. I appreciate the many good professors and staff members who were good members of the Church, and who had shown a great example of living the gospel. Professor James Bradshaw had genuine love of Korean people. Many Koreans had tasted his genuine Christ-like love.