Stanley Tak Chung Wan

Stanley Tak Chung Wan

Stanley Tak Chung Wan

1976, Office Management
Area Welfare Manager, Asia, Hong Kong

Stanley Wan is the Latter-day Saint Area Welfare Manager for 23 countries in Asia. As such he works with country directors, approximately 100 missionaries, governments and non-government organizations on employment, humanitarian services, emergency disaster relief and family counseling.

After graduating from BYU-Hawaii, he returned and soon began working for the Church in increasingly more responsible positions, including data processing, human resources and as Director of Temporal Affairs for Asia. He has also served as president of the Hong Kong mission and as the Area Authority Seventy.

He says returning, versus graduate school or finding a job in the U.S., “was a hard decision at that time...but many of us did come back to our own countries, and I’ve seen so much success in their lives.” Wan has since earned a master’s degree in Hong Kong.

“The world needs leaders and BYU-Hawaii has helped many students to become future leaders,” he adds. “BYU-Hawaii has helped us not only academically, but because of the unique environment, it has helped us gain experiences socially, culturally, internationally and most importantly, spiritually.”

Wan says BYUH alumni in Hong Kong often get together. “We talk about our friends and student life. It is always a lovely moment; and there is also another phenomenon after 20, 25, 30 years now: We are now talking about our children at BYU-Hawaii.” For example, Wan’s son and daughter-in-law graduated from BYUH, and his grandson was born in Hawaii.

Words cannot express how much I appreciate BYU-Hawaii. I treasure my experiences over there, not only because of my education, but also because it has provided me with so many beautiful memories, spiritual experiences, and a lot of things in my life. I owe BYU-Hawaii a lot.