Tipo Solomone

Tipo SolomoneTipo Solomone

B.S. Accounting, 1984
Country Director, LDS Church Educational System - Fiji
Suva, Fiji

As a young man in Fiji, Tipo Solomone was encouraged by the CES Country Director to attend BYU-Hawaii. Now almost 25 years later, as the current CES Country Director in Fiji, Solomone has the same opportunity to inspire and encourage other young Fijians to attend BYU-Hawaii. Certainly there is no better person for the job than Solomone, as he is intimately acquainted with the role BYU-Hawaii has played in preparing him to assist in fulfilling the mission of the Church.

Solomone had many great experiences at BYU-Hawaii that impacted his life. He recalls one professor advising him that “there [are] no easy classes at BYUH and that I had to work harder. Needless to say, I did not drop any…classes just because I found it too difficult.” When he wanted to know if he should marry his girlfriend, Armine, Solomone learned that “the Lord is very anxious to help when it has to do with one’s eternal companion and eternal progression. He will even prod you gently just to remind you.”

Solomone continues to seek the Lord’s guidance in all that he does; when he has a major decision to make all he does is “decide [how] it will help me fulfill my purpose here in life and from there I…can categorize it between whether it enhances my spirituality or hinders it. That’s the decision!” Solomone finds true fulfillment in serving his family, the Church, and the people of Fiji.

Attending BYUH is a unique privilege and a great blessing. The Lord has His eyes on you and His hand is upon you. He has prepared the way for you to be able to come here and He will help accomplish your purpose here. You must do your part well here for that will prepare you to return to your home country and serve your people. The lessons you learn here, the experiences you gain, the friendships you make, the degree(s) you earn and above all the spirituality you develop here will make you a unique treasure in today’s world. Like genuine gold, you will become an instrument for peace and righteousness in the hands of the Almighty.