Students register for access HERE. Later, students can login at using their email. Once in MentorConnect, students can filter the mentors according to function, industry, employer, service, location, university, or language. When a mentor is identified, book a consultation by proposing three meeting times. If the mentor is available during one of those times, the mentor will accept and your consultation will be scheduled. If the mentor is not available, the mentor may chose to propose three additional times or they may decline the invitation. Students will be notified as soon as the mentor accepts or declines. At the time of your consultation the system will call you and the mentor in a bridge call. Please wait on the line until the other party picks up.

Students may choose to connect through phone or using a microphone on a computer or tablet. Once a consultation is scheduled, each individual will have a "meeting place" where they can communicate prior to the consultation and change their settings (phone number or device). If something comes up which does not allow you to make the scheduled consultation, you can cancel or reschedule in this "meeting place."


Tips for a Successful Consultation

  • Be prepared to briefly introduce yourself professionally - you may attach your resume prior to the consultation for them to get to know you. You may wish to practice a "Me in 30 seconds" as a way to introduce yourself.
  • Prior to your session think of your purpose for talking with a particular mentor. Would you like to learn more about the industry, the company, the career path, etc? You may consider emailing the purpose to your mentor prior to your engagement so that you mentor will know what you'd like to accomplish in a limited time.
  • Respect the mentor's time commitment by planning and preparing topics of discussion. Prepare specific, intelligent and productive questions that can guide your discussion.
  • Remember to keep the conversation professional. DO NOT ask personal questions or ask a mentor for job placement or internship.
  • Strive to be a receptive and active listener
  • Show appreciation for the time and assistance given by the mentor.